Lisbon Consortium Director: Prof. Dr. Isabel Capeloa Gil

Executive Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Paulo Campos Pinto

Outreach and Admissions: Prof. Dr. Daniela Agostinho

Steering Committee: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Lopes (Head of Department) and Prof. Dr. Peter Hanenberg (Director of CECC)

Projects Management: Prof. Dr. Peter Hanenberg

Communications Officer: Sophie Pinto


PhD Program Director: Prof. Dr. Isabel Capeloa Gil

International PhD Program in Culture Studies Steering Committee: Prof. Dr. Isabel Capeloa Gil (FCH-UCP), Prof. Dr. Frederik Tygstrup (University of Copenhagen), Prof. Dr. Ansgar Nünning (University of Giessen)

MA Program Director: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Lopes

Summer School Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Daniela Agostinho


Director of the Research Centre for Communication and Culture: Prof. Dr. Peter Hanenberg

Research Assistant: Sónia Pereira