This reading circle is organized by PhD students in Culture Studies at the Lisbon Consortium in Lisbon, Portugal. It is open to whoever is interested in taking part in discussing the readings that are decided on and announced on this website by the organizers of this circle.

The circle gathers weekly on Fridays in the canteen of the Economics Building at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa . For contact details and other practicalities, please go here.

We intend to formulate different ways of relating to text using the notion of surroundings as a productive point of entry. Realizing that it can be interpreted in many divergent and perhaps even contradictory ways, we do not suggest that this is either the only, best or final concept to draw on. We hope, however, that it will open up a space of discussion and reading in which we can come to terms with some of the more urgent political and conceptual issues in cultural analysis today.