Zohar Yanko, a MA student at the Lisbon Consortium, wrote about the exhibition ‘On Exile’, by José Carlos Teixeira, at MAAT. The text, available in portuguese and english, is part of January edition of Contemporânea Magazine.

On Exile functions as a liminal space, located on the borderland between ethnographic and artistic research, between the scientific and the philosophical; it is a space where, in the poignant words of Homi K. Bhaba, [2] “[p]rivate and public, past and present, the psyche and the social develop an interstitial intimacy”. This integration of academic, political and psychological discourses with a visual art creates an intimate space for investigation. This unique crossroad invites the visitor to join the effort, to interact with the notion of exile in ways which would not be possible otherwise. It might even lead to wonder about these separations in the first place.

Zohar Yanko