May 31 to June 2 | UCP & Espaço Alkantara

Description: Archiving Performance explores, on one hand, the modes by which performances archive and are archived and, on the other hand, the modes by which archives perform and are performed. The three-day seminar will focus on the Portuguese artistic landscape, bringing together several artists who will share their creative processes or (re-)perform works that relate to the topic. Besides galvanizing discussion among participants through vivid artistic cases, the seminar will also draw on theoretical perspectives from seminal authors such as Philip Auslander, Peggy Phelan, Rebecca Schneider, André Lepecki, Eleonora Fabião, Shannon Jackson, Gabriele Brandstetter or Metchild Widrich, among others. 

The seminar is organized by Lisbon Consortium´s PhD students Ana Dinger & Sophie Pinto. It will take place on May 31, June 1 and June 2 2019, at Católica University and Espaço Alkantara (Calçada Marquês Abrantes 99, Lisbon).

No fees and no ECTS are involved in this seminar.

Reading texts will be sent to participants; for this reason, please send your email to